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Driving more traffic to your website by increasing rank in different search engines.

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  • Maximize organic website traffic
  • Keyword research based ranking
  • Optimize your web pages for search engines
  • Off-page search engine marketing
  • Link building and outreach
  • White hat SEO all the way!

Why do you need SEO?

That’s a lot of work!

While you can do this on your own, you may miss a few critical details. You need SEO experts for

Research, Strategy & Keyword Selection

Brands often think about this stage as a waste of time and assume that no actual work is being carried out in this period.They think that their websites deserve to be on top of the search results with every keyword they want, so they do not understand the need to formulate the right strategy.However, this stage is really important. Without this stage, you may spend significant money, time and energy but you may not achieve success.

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On-Site SEO 1: Classic SEO

On-site SEO is absolutely necessary, but it is no longer adequate in 2019.Even if you achieve excellent SEO compliance on your website, you get only 30 to 40 points out of 100 from Google.This will not be enough to bring your site to the first page of the search results with generic keywords that require at least 80 points out of 100.

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On-Site SEO 2: Infrastructure and Usability

Google has recently begun to pay more attention to the effective functioning of infrastructure and usability of websites.This makes it necessary for the software developers to be involved in SEO projects.For example, if your website is slow, this will have a negative effect on SEO and software developers need to work on the codes to speed up the website.Today, this topic provides you 20 to 30 points out of 100.

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Link Development

With on-site SEO, you are telling Google that your website is relevant to the searched keyword and it is a useful website with an efficient infrastructure.This is necessary, but it is not adequate.In order to convince Google, you have to show how popular your site is on the web.The links to your website from other sites, your domain name being mentioned on other sites, the popularity of your brand’s name on the web and on the social media bring you 40 points out of 100.

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Performance on Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

This stage is very important in order to turn your efforts into actual results.Do not think like “So what, people will obviously click on my website when it appears on top of the search results.”.Google knows the click-through rate of every rank on the search results page. When Google brings your website to a certain rank, will your website be clicked more or less than the average click-through rate of that rank?Let’s say it is clicked more. Will the visitors stay on your website or bounce back to the search results page immediately?This is important.

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Do I need SEO or SEM?

The online world is rapidly changing. It’s no longer about getting to the top of search pages. You have to create awareness of your brand online. You need search engine optimization as well as search engine marketing, a host of activities that guarantees your brand comes out on top of your competitors. 

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